Trashing Tradition The Cursed Legacy of the Counts Family Manga

Trashing Tradition: The Cursed Legacy of the Count’s Family Manga

The world of manga is vast, full of stories that cater to the interests of people from all age groups and backgrounds. With its unique take on storytelling, manga has become a cultural phenomenon in Japan and has reverberated globally. One such series that has caught the attention of many readers worldwide is the Trashing Tradition: The Cursed Legacy of the Count’s Family manga. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of Trashing Tradition and its impact on the manga industry.

H2: The Plot

Trashing Tradition follows the story of Adrian de Varenne, a young man who inherits his family’s cursed bloodline. The Varenne family has been cursed for generations a supernatural being, which causes them to transform into monsters. The curse also compels them to seek out and devour human flesh, causing fear and terror in their surroundings. Adrian must navigate through his newfound curse while also coming to terms with the legacy of his family.

H2: The Characters

One of the most appealing aspects of Trashing Tradition is its unique character design. Adrian, the protagonist, is a brooding anti-hero, struggling to accept his cursed legacy. As the story progresses, he develops a deep emotional bond with his cousin, Marie. Marie is a ray of sunshine in Adrian’s dark world, and their relationship evokes themes of friendship, loyalty, and the balance between light and dark. The series also features a host of villains, who add to the overall sense of tension and menace.

H2: The Art Style

The art style of Trashing Tradition is dark and brooding, perfectly complementing the series’ themes. The manga’s artwork features intricate details and showcases the tension and terror felt the characters. The paneling is also expertly crafted, keeping the readers engaged and invested in the story.

H2: The Impact

Trashing Tradition has been praised for its originality and fresh take on the horror genre. The series has gained a large following across the globe, with readers drawn to its intricate plot, unique characters, and captivating artwork. The manga has also spawned various merchandise, including figurines, clothing, and other accessories, which are popular with manga enthusiasts.


Q: Is Trashing Tradition suitable for young readers?
A: The series is rated for mature audiences, primarily due to the graphic violence and horror elements.

Q: How long is the Trashing Tradition series?
A: The series consists of 18 volumes, which were published from 2016-2021.

Q: Is the manga available in English?
A: Yes, the manga is available in English, and its official translation is published Viz Media.

Q: Has the series been adapted into an Anime?
A: No, there is no anime adaptation of Trashing Tradition yet.

Q: Who is the author of Trashing Tradition?
A: The manga is created Kisetsu Morita and illustrated Benio.


Trashing Tradition: The Cursed Legacy of the Count’s Family is a manga that has carved a space for itself in the world of horror manga. Its unique story, intriguing characters, and exquisite artwork have earned it a dedicated fanbase. This dark and brooding series aims to break away from tradition, showcasing the horrors that come with a cursed legacy. With its potential to evoke a spectrum of emotions in readers and its impact on the manga industry, Trashing Tradition sets itself apart from other manga series. If you’re a manga fan who loves horror, Trashing Tradition is worth reading.


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