Top 10 Shadow Pokémon – Ranked by Power

Top 10 Shadow Pokemon
Top 10 Shadow Pokémon – Ranked

Pokémon is one of the best media franchises out there, with countless adaptations across various entertainment industries. While there are many shadow Pokemon in the universe, we will talk about the Top 10 shadow Pokemon. Be it a video game or a trading card game, the world of Pokémon for gaming enthusiasts is huge. Be it an anime or a manga adaptation, the media giant does not disappoint in this area either. Ranging from about 20 seasons of anime with about 1000 episodes is certainly a wonderful goal in itself. And who can’t forget the Live-action adaptation, Detective Pikachu, which ruled the Box Office and became a blockbuster?

For more than two decades, fans have enjoyed the franchise’s services. And hopefully will continue to enjoy it in the future. There are many types of Pokémon in the universe. But those without feelings or emotions eventually became known as Shadow Pokémon. They have a black aura around them and normal trainers have no control over them. Their normal shadow attacks are much stronger than a normal Pokémon hyper attack. While the shadow form can be achieved by any Pokémon, only a few powerful trainers can train them.

Here is the list of Top 10 Shadow Pokémon

10. Shadow Gyarados

Shadow Gyarados is a Water and Flying-type Pokémon. It belongs to the first generation of Pokémon. His rabid, violent nature is the cause of the said transformation. There is only a 10 percent chance that a trainer can catch a shadow Gyarados if he encounters one. The strongest attacks are waterfall and hydropump. But its water movements make it very vulnerable to electrical and rock attacks. During rain and stormy weather, it is said to be in its stronger form, giving its attacks a boost.

Top 10 Shadow Pokemon - Gyarados
Shadow Gyarados

Shadow Gyarados stats are:

  • Total Combat Power: 3834
  • Attack Power: 237
  • Defensive Power: 186
  • Endurance: 216

9. Shadow Lapras

Shadow Lapras is a water and ice-type Pokémon. It belongs to the first generation of Pokémon. A fun fact about this Pokémon is that it is slowly dying out. And the reason for that is man. This makes Lapras sound unhappy at night as he sings and longs for his kind. The most powerful attacks are Water Gun and Surf. But these attacks sometimes make him vulnerable when against Rock, Grass or Electric attacks. Its attacks are amplified when it rains or snows.

Top 10 Shadow Pokemon - Lapras
Shadow Pokémon Lapras

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Shadow Lapras stats are:

  • Total Combat Power: 2985
  • Attack Power: 165
  • Defensive Power: 174
  • Endurance: 277

8. Shadow Moltres

Shadow Moltres is a Fire and Flying type Pokémon. It belongs to the first generation of Pokémon. Moltres is a Legendary Pokémon, and a fun fact is that if it gets hurt, it can heal itself. It heals from the molten magma of a volcano by burning. The deadliest move is Wing Attack and Overheat. But when he attacks against Rock, Electric or water, he gets quite damaged and can’t attack. During sunny and windy weather, his attack power increases and his opponent easily becomes impotent.

Top 10 Shadow Pokemon - Moltres
Shadow Pokémon Moltres

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Shadow Moltres stats are:

  • Total Combat Strength: 3917
  • Attack Power: 251
  • Defensive Strength: 181
  • Endurance: 207

7. Shadow Snorlax

Shadow Snorlax is a Normal-type Pokémon and belongs to the first generation. A fun fact about Shadow Snorlax is that it is known to eat and sleep throughout the day. And this routine is part of normal daily life. It allows children to play with its spacious belly. The best moves are Hyper Beam and Lick. But against Pokémon that use fighting-type moves, it fails to counter their moves and is therefore defeated. During many of its battles, it has boosted its power attacks when it’s cloudy.

Top 10 Shadow Pokemon - Snorlax
Shadow Snorlax

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Shadow Snorlax stats are:

  • Total Combat Power: 3467
  • Attack power: 190
  • Defensive Power: 169
  • Endurance: 330

6. Shadow Mamoswine

Shadow Mamoswine is a Ground and Ice-type Pokémon. It is a generation four Pokémon. There is only a 5 percent chance of catching this Pokémon. A fun fact about Mamoswine is that the long pointed tooth is actually made of ice. And also, when it got muggy, the population was almost wiped out. These Pokémon best moves are Avalanche and Powder snow. But it is vulnerable to many types of attacks such as water, fire, steel, grass and fighting styles. During his battle with other Pokémon with which he is vulnerable. Only in snow or sunny weather will his attack power increase, and then he will easily defeat them.

Top 10 Shadow Pokémon - Mamoswine
Shadow Mamos wine

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Shadow Mamoswine stats are:

  • Total Combat Power: 3763
  • Attack Power: 247
  • Defensive Power: 146
  • Endurance: 242

5. Shadow Tyranitar

Shadow Tyranitar is a Rock and Dark type Pokémon. It is a second generation Pokémon. The chance of this Pokémon being caught is 55 percent, which is statistically a good chance. Tyranitar is very powerful in his shadow form and can easily bring down an entire mountain. It also usually roams mountains to fight stronger opponents. The best moves are Stone edge and Smackdown. But against Bug and Fairy attacks and Water and Steel attacks, it becomes vulnerable. During cloudy and foggy weather, the power level increases with difficulty.

Top 10 Shadow Pokemon - Tyranitar
Shadow Tyranitar

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Shadow Tyranitar stats are:

  • Total Combat Power: 4335
  • Attack Power: 251
  • Defensive Power: 207
  • Endurance: 225

4. Shadow Victreebel

Shadow Victreebel is a Poison and Grass-type Pokémon. It is a first generation Pokémon. There is a 12 percent chance that it will be captured by a trainer. This Pokémon is very dangerous because it uses its long green tendrils to attract animals. And then, when they are around, it suddenly attacks them and swallows them whole. The best moves are sludge bomb and acid. But against paranormal, ice, flying and fire movements it becomes very vulnerable. It has the most advantage during combat when the weather is cloudy and sunny.

Top 10 Shadow Pokémon - Victreebel
Shadow Victreebel

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Shadow Victreebel stats are:

  • Total Combat Power: 2748
  • Attack power: 207
  • Defensive Power: 135
  • Endurance: 190

3. Shadow Machamp

Shadow Machamp is a fighting-type Pokémon and belongs to the first generation. There’s probably only 10 percent of it that gets captured. The best moves include dynamic punch and counter. This Pokémon is known for fighting other creatures without having a plan. It is usually weak against Fairy, Flying, and Psychic-type Pokémon. And during cloudy weather, his strength will increase and give him an edge over others.

Top 10 Shadow Pokémon - Machamp
Shadow Machamp

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Shadow Machamp stats are:

  • Total Combat Power: 3455
  • Attack power: 234
  • Defensive Power: 159
  • Endurance: 207

2. Shadow Tissue

Shadow Weavile is a dark and icy Pokémon. It is a generation four Pokémon. There is no chance that Trainers will be able to catch these Pokémon. The best moves are Avalanche and Feint Attack. His heightened intellectual abilities allow him to win battles. Just a scratch from his claw can cause serious damage to the skin tissue. The weakest points are when it’s against Fairy, Bug, Fire, and Rock-type Pokémon. And normally, during snowy and foggy weather, the power level will increase and it will help to win the battle.

Top 10 Shadow Pokemon - Weavile
Shadow Weavile

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Shadow Weavile stats are:

  • Total Combat Power: 3397
  • Attack Power: 243
  • Defensive Strength: 171
  • Endurance: 172

1. Shadow Mewtwo

Shadow Mewtwo is a Psychic-type Pokémon. It is a first-generation Pokémon and one of the most powerful Legendary Pokémon, loved by many fans. It is known as a creation of genetic engineering with no compassionate soul. The best unbeatable moves are Psystrike and Confusion. It is sometimes affected when Dark, Ghost, and Insect type Pokémon attack. But if the fight is during windy weather, it’s usually game over for another opponent as his powers increase.

Top 10 Shadow Pokemon - Mewtwo
Shadow Mewtwo

Shadow Mewtwo stats are:

  • Total Combat Power: 4724
  • Attack power: 300
  • Defensive Power: 182
  • Endurance: 214

You can watch Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Movie on Netflix.

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A digital manga remake began publication on Shueisha's Tonari no Young Jump website in June 2012. The manga's illustration is by Yusuke Murata. Its chapters are regularly collected and released as each tankobon book. At the time of writing, January 2021 23 volumes were published. For North America, Viz Media license the manga remake to be released in English version and has serialized in their Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine.

A manga-anime adaption of the manga produced by Madhouse it was shown throughout Japan from October until December 2015. The second season, created by J.C.Staff and J.C.Staff, began airing from April until July 2019. This anime show is licensed to North America by Viz Media and premiered on the United States on Adult Swim's Toonami block of programming in July, 2016. The second season debuted in October of 2019.

In June 2012, the original webcomic was able to surpass 7.9 millions hits. By April 2020 the manga's remake had sold more than thirty million copies.

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