Top 10 Hinata Shoyo Facts from Haikyuu!!

Hinata Shoyo

Hinata Shoyo, the main character of Haikyuu!!, is short in stature, but he ranks high among his peers by harnessing a variety of positive traits that contribute to his success as a volleyball player and teammate. He is many things. He is a friend, an older brother, a teammate, a volleyball enthusiast and an inspiring personality.

Shoyo Hinata is a small man with a big jump. Shoyo, the main character of Haikyuu!, has shown a strong desire to play volleyball. He came to Karasuno intending to succeed the Little Giant. Shoyo is a source of motivation for his teammates, despite being mocked by Kei Tsukishima and Tobio Kageyama. Shoyo has a knack for lifting the rest of the squad when things look bleak, even if they don’t want to admit it. Opponents sometimes underestimate Shoyo, but he has consistently shown himself to be a capable player and a tough opponent.

Here are a few facts about the formidable, charming and sunny Hinata Shoyo that can help you learn more about him as you binge-watch season 4 of the series!

1. ‘Little Giant’

Hinata was 162.8 cm tall when he entered high school and grew to 164.2 cm by mid-year. Besides Nishinoya, he is the smallest member of the Karasuno volleyball team. Due to his slim stature and short stature, he is often mistaken for a high school (or in some cases even elementary school) student. Hinata is small in stature for a volleyball player, but what he cannot cover in height, he does through motivation. Because of his small stature, he was sometimes referred to as a “dwarf” and was looked down upon by others. However, it doesn’t deter him because he possesses a weapon against his height in the form of his “divine” jump. As a result, Hinata has built a reputation as a skilled player.

Hinata had undergone rigorous training in Brazil after the time jump in which he grew to 172cm and developed a lean but strong body as a result of playing on the beach and following a strict diet and wellness regime.

Hinata Shoyo Jumping

2. Shoyo is bright as the sun

Hinata refers to the sun or a place in the sun. It makes a very positive impression and fits Hinata’s personality. The ‘Sho’ sign in kanji refers to flying. There are multiple kanji letters that translate to ‘fly’, each with its own connotation. This Kanji means “flying high in the sky with flying wings”. The right side of the character represents wings. The “yo” in Kanji is a sign that represents the sun or sunlight. It has a bright and pleasant connotation and is widely used for both boy and girl names. Tsukishima’s name contains the sign for ‘moon’, while Hinata’s name contains the word for ‘sun’. This refers to the fact that they are rivals despite being teammates, as well as the notion that Hinata is as bright as the sun in both personality and prominence, as opposed to Tsukishima’s aloofness and unobtrusiveness.

Happy Hinata

3. What Hinata Shoyo lacks in height, he makes up for in jumping

Hinata makes up for his lack of physical height by having an amazing jumping ability. His vertical jump is 1.23 meters, or about 50 inches (48.4). Thanks to his mobility and agility, he can jump diagonally to avoid blockages. To increase his block height, he can add a run-up. Bystanders often describe his actions as “flying” because of his remarkable jumps. Hinata has learned a new jumping technique thanks to Kageyama’s instruction following the Training Camp Arc and seeing the new “Little Giant” – Korai Hoshiumi.

He makes a significantly higher jump with better stability in the air by directing the momentum of his run into the balls of his feet. It is known as the “BAM” jump because it makes a loud noise. Hinata is a center blocker for the Karasuno team despite his height. While his short stature doesn’t always allow him to get blocks, his jump height and reflexes allow him to be in the right position at the right time to grab a deflection, allowing the Karasuno squad to counterattack. can.

Hinata Shoyo on the field

4. Hinata is not a fan of English

Murase Ayumu, Hinata’s voice actor, was born in Los Angeles. Therefore it is normal that he can speak English. Hinata, the character he voices, isn’t particularly clear in English, and it quickly becomes his least favorite subject in school. His English grades have always been bad. Hinata is also a slacker student, as he is often observed dozing in class. Maybe it’s because of his excessive volleyball training. Hinata had said before graduating in the Tokyo Expedition Arc that he had never gotten a double-digit score on any of his school quizzes. He once failed an English exam by writing his answers in the wrong place on the answer sheet. Yachi has indicated that all his answers were correct. Therefore, if he had placed them in the correct lines, he might have gotten a perfect score.

Hinata Shoyo and Kageyama disappointed with test results

5. Shoyo is a Gemini born in June

Hinata’s birthday falls on June 21, 1996, which makes him a Gemini. Now you can twinning with him! Hinata is a typical Gemini, loud, outgoing and usually always cheerful. He never lets his mistakes get in the way of his success, and he tries to adapt to and overcome problems when they arise. Even the quietest of his friends are starting to open up to him because he is so easygoing. While his versatility helps him improve his game, it also comes with a lot of impulsiveness, which he uses to his advantage on the volleyball court. Hinata, who suffers from anxiety, is prone to making rash decisions that may or may not benefit him and his team. Even still, no matter how bad things get, he maintains his composure and gives priority to his team, and these traits feature prominently in some of Hinata’s most memorable episodes of the Haikyuu!! Animation.

Hinata Shoyo excited

6. The ability to befriend someone

Shoyo’s excellent temperament allows him to get along with a wide variety of people. While other shonen heroes are undoubtedly extroverted, it’s unusual to encounter a character who recognizes that a joke that works on one person won’t work on another. Shoyo is well aware of the situation. This tendency was evident early on in the series when he approached Kenma on the street because he recognized his volleyball shoes. Few people would approach a stranger on the street and strike up a conversation, but Shoyo did just that. The second time this happened was when Shoyo met Aone. Shoyo was able to befriend Aone despite the fact that he rarely spoke. Their interactions are usually calm, but their respect for each other is evident. There is a running gag in the fandom and series that Hinata tends to run into new friends/adversaries when going to the bathroom.

Hinata Shoyo with Kenma and Lev

7. The Lure Master

Shoyo is so passionate about volleyball that he feels the ball is destined for him to hit every time the setter delivers it. It doesn’t matter if Shoyo is the one who hits the ball because the opponent believes he will, because the enthusiasm is genuine. Shoyo’s obsessive attitude has earned him the title of “Ultimate Decoy”. Although Shoyo doesn’t like his nickname his abilities as a decoy make him a crucial member of the team and the team often uses this method to earn points, of course Shoyo has no idea prior to this trick which will give the best result due to his authenticity that makes it look like he’s the real target.

Hinata Shoyo
Hinata Shoyo with his team members

In addition, due to its volatility, Hinata is seen as a major threat, according to Kuroo. Hinata just added the blend-and-distract strategy to his arsenal. He can now match his pace with the rest of the team for a fully coordinated attack or blast forward for a quick min-pace speed. Hinata has also learned to act as a decoy for himself, according to Daichi. Hinata makes visible moves, giving the appearance of protecting one location to entice spikers to hit there, then move to another spot and accept the hit perfectly.

8. The fastest player

Hinata is iconic for his quick reflexes and speed. He is recognized as the fastest player of his team, with exceptional reflexes and mobility. He also appears to have boundless stamina, which he maintains by cycling for thirty minutes to school across the mountains, not to mention the daily activities of volleyball practice. Hinata can effortlessly switch from the left to the right side of the court before his opponents react. His speed, on the other hand, can be a disadvantage if he travels too fast, as too much momentum can cause him to collide with the net or another player.

Hinata Shoyo
Hinata Shoyo on the field

9. The Oldest First Year

Hinata is the oldest first year on the team unlike Kagyeyama who is the youngest first year which sounds bizarre due to their personalities with Hinata being childish and energetic and Kageyama being somewhat reserved and mature. His birthday falls on the summer solstice (June 21, the longest day and shortest night of the year), unlike Kageyama’s, which falls on the winter solstice (December 22, the longest night and shortest day of the year). Hinata is the oldest of the early years, with Yachi being the second oldest, followed by Tsukishima, Yamaguchi and finally Kageyama. Hinata may not seem like the oldest type, but he is an older brother to his younger sister Natsu Hinata.

Hinata Shoyo
Karasuno’s first year with Hinata Shoyo

10. He never gives up

Shoyo’s cheerful look prevents him from being swept up by anything. Shoyo is not concerned about his flaws, blunders, or ridicule from others. He has learned to laugh it off and carry on when he makes a mistake on the pitch. Shoyo’s cheerful demeanor irritates others who look down on him. Shoyo is only motivated to prove his opponents wrong when they belittle or underestimate him. Nothing seems to be able to stop Shoyo, which is commendable. Shoyo has the strongest mental strength of any character in the series. In volleyball, his great strength is his unwavering determination to win. Despite his preoccupation with the sport, Shoyo maintains a positive attitude towards improvement. Every experience is an opportunity for him to learn something new.

Hinata Shoyo
Hinata Shoyo from Haikyuu!!

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