Top 10 Anime Similar to Psycho-Pass You Must Watch!

Anime Similar to Psycho Pass
Ten anime similar to Psycho Pass

Sometimes an anime leaves a really big impact on us, and it’s really hard to get over it and not think about it anymore. The only reason you started searching the internet for “anime similar to psycho pass” is because you loved the anime and want to see more of it. Due to the end of the season and no more episodes or stories left, try to fill the void left by the anime by watching a similar anime. Don’t worry, we’ll fill that void as we bring you the top ten anime similar to Psycho-Pass.

Psycho-Pass is a thriller anime. Set in the 22nd century of Japan, the cyberpunk anime tells a story that blurs the lines between good and evil. It also has a detective section. The government of Japan has a high-tech device or Sibyl system to calculate one’s feelings. The device calculates the threat level of the individual by examining their dreams and desires, which is good for “Psycho-Pass”. If it reaches a certain threshold, the individual is considered a criminal and is likely to be executed or sent to get help in an unknown place.

Amidst the government doctrine comes a woman Akane Tsunemori who is an officer. After working for a while, she discovers that the Sibyl system may not be accurate and that the government people are using it for the wrong purposes. This prompts Akane to think about what is justice and what is evil.

The following are the ten anime that are similar to Psycho-Pass in terms of philosophy, the forces that go into the wrong hands, and the frontier of what is justice and evil.

Death Parade

The Death Parade anime adheres to the same principles as the Psycho-Pass anime. However, it takes place in the afterlife of persons. The Death Parade judges whether you’re nice or bad, just like the Psycho-Pass judges your criminal potential. After death there is one last stage before entering paradise or hell. You have arrived at Quindecim, where an emotionless bartender Decim will choose whether you go to heaven or to damnation. They are instructed to play random games in the form of a pair ranging from throwing darts to bowling or anything else. While playing these games, their true characteristics come out and on this basis they ascend to hell or paradise.

Anime Similar to Psycho Pass
Death Parade Anime

Darker than black

Unlike Psycho-Pass, Darker than Black anime resembles Pyscho Pass because of the detective part and the main character who is on his way to discover the truth behind the settings. Ten years ago, two gates known as Heaven in South America and Hell in Japan appeared. After these gates appeared, contractors came forward with them. Contractors can gain supernatural powers in terms of exchanging their emotions. But with power comes a price to pay.

Anime Similar to Psycho Pass
Darker than black

Every time they use these skills, they have to pay back in many strange aspects ranging from hurting themselves to eating garbage or something like that. The only contractor Hei can use the power without paying back. Hei works for the syndicate in the criminal underground, and like the main character of the Psycho-Pass, Hei also searches for the truths behind the settings of the Darker than Black anime world.


When a new family settles in the quiet, calm hamlet of Sotoba in Japan, a pandemic begins after a girl named Megumi Shimizu dies. Toshio Ozaki, the town’s only doctor, conducts a detailed investigation and concludes that there may be a more monstrous reason than a disease. Together with the doctor, a young man named Natsuno Yuuki realizes that there is more to the fatalities in the city. They discover a terrifying secret about the new family who, with the help of Megumi’s siblings, Kaori and Akira Tanaka, have arrived in the city of Sotoba. This anime, like Pyscho-Pass, will make you wonder who is really bad or good because it blurs the line of judgment.

Anime Similar to Psycho Pass
Shiki anime


Yes, you have probably heard of this anime or even seen it. But Death Note anime perfectly fits the criteria of the anime similar to psycho pass. It fits the criteria in more than one aspect, the detective action part and the question: who is really bad or good? One day, a brilliant boy named Light Yagami receives a book called “Death Note”. Just by writing the person’s name and introducing him while writing, he can kill anyone. The brilliant boy starts using Death Note to kill the criminals of the world to make the world a better place. There is also a brilliant detective codenamed “L” who goes on a hunt for the Light. Like Psycho-Pass, this starts the detective action and makes you wonder if Light is doing good or bad.

light and ryuk

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

This anime fits into three aspects that are similar to Psycho-Pass. First, the detective action takes part; Second, the cyberpunk nature, and third, blurring the judgment of evil and good. The story is set in the future, where technology makes a lot of things possible. One is that humans can turn themselves into Cyborgs, which gives them superhuman abilities. However, criminals also have the technology in their hands and roam free committing dangerous crimes. To stop them, the government has created Section 9, a group of cybernetically enhanced people. However, a new criminal, “Laughing Man”, has come to town to give Section 9 a shot while leaving a mark on Japan.

Ghost in t
Ghost in the Shell anime


At first glance, you’re assuming that Charlotte is a Slice of Life anime and that maybe there’s nothing in common with Psycho-Pass. But there is one similarity between Charlotte and Psycho-Pass. This lifelike anime comes with a touch of supernatural elements. High school teens have uncanny skills. It all started when a meteor passed the Earth. It left the powers only to the teenagers. Just like the individuals are experimented on or even killed on sight because they can be latent criminals in the Psycho-Pass. The teens are treated the same by the government in Charlotte anime.

Charlotte anime
Characters from Charlotte’s anime

Yona of the dawn

The anime Yona of the Dawn follows the same philosophy as Psycho-Pass about what is right and wrong. Both anime follow the adventure of a girl who discovers the hard truth and questions reality. As the king’s daughter, Yona has led a luxurious life in the castle. One day, her cousin kills Yona’s father, the king, causing Yona to run away. After coming to the real world, she discovers how difficult it is to live outside the castle. Moreover, she observes the truth about how horribly the people of the kingdom lived under her father’s rule. Yona later finds out about the terrible system that once gave her a luxurious life.

Yona from the Yona of the Dawn anime

From the new world

You will either be killed or expelled from society if you do not meet certain criteria to fit into society are the similarities between the Psycho-Pass and From the New World anime. From the New World also follows a female protagonist who embarks on an adventure to discover the truth. Saki, the main character, lives a peaceful life in the countryside, where they learn to awaken psychic powers.

From the free world
From the free world anime characters

After her awakening, Saki begins to wonder what happens to the children who do not awaken their abilities. With her friends, she begins to discover the truth about Tainted Cats kidnapping children and the harsh reality outside the countryside.

Terror in resonance

The anime is like an alternate reality of Psycho-Pass anime. It tells a story of the people who were experimented with as children, and they are back to let the world know about them and the harsh truth behind Japan’s government. An eleven-episode anime follows an organization called “Sphinx”, which causes trouble in the city of Tokyo.

Terror of Resonance
Terror in resonance anime

Their goal is to expose the harsh truth and bury their own painful past. The anime also has a detective action part where Detective Kenjirou Shibazaki is busy catching the “Sphinx”.

Bell pepper

Like Psycho-Pass, the Paprika anime movie uses a technology called “DC mini” to see people’s deepest dreams and desires. But unlike psycho-pass, the device is made for the therapist to better understand their patients. But in the wrong hands, the device is being used to spread psychological terror and cause mental breakdowns in the minds of the targets.

Bell pepper anime movie
Bell pepper

To stop this unfortunate event, an officer named Konakawa comes to stop these mind-destroying terrorists. The ninety minute film is very similar to Pyscho-Pass anime and will have you on the edge of your seat.

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One Punch Man Manga Read Online: One-Punch Man is a Japanese superhero series created by the creator ONE. It is a story about Saitama, a super-hero who is able to take on anyone with just one punch, but is looking for an appropriate opponent after becoming frustrated by the lack of competition due to his incredible ability. ONE developed the original webcomic version at the beginning of 2009.

A digital manga remake began publication on Shueisha's Tonari no Young Jump website in June 2012. The manga's illustration is by Yusuke Murata. Its chapters are regularly collected and released as each tankobon book. At the time of writing, January 2021 23 volumes were published. For North America, Viz Media license the manga remake to be released in English version and has serialized in their Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine.

A manga-anime adaption of the manga produced by Madhouse it was shown throughout Japan from October until December 2015. The second season, created by J.C.Staff and J.C.Staff, began airing from April until July 2019. This anime show is licensed to North America by Viz Media and premiered on the United States on Adult Swim's Toonami block of programming in July, 2016. The second season debuted in October of 2019.

In June 2012, the original webcomic was able to surpass 7.9 millions hits. By April 2020 the manga's remake had sold more than thirty million copies.

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