Top 10 Anime Characters Who Can Beat Bleach’s Ichigo

Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach is without a doubt an exceptional fighter and exorcist, there are a myriad of skills he is good at and he possesses the powers to stand his ground. However, as mentioned many times in the series, his powers always fluctuate meaning they have no clear marking, sometimes his powers are stolen, sometimes sealed, sometimes absorbed, etc. However, imperfection is often what makes that an interesting character.

There is no doubt that our Bleach main character is extremely strong and reliable, plus the perks that main characters in anime usually get. However, if there were a comparison between strong characters in anime, there are some names that Ichigo and his reiatsu can probably outdo. Here is a list of anime characters who could potentially defeat Ichigo Kurosaki:

1. Son Goku

Son Goku will probably top any list in the context of the most powerful anime characters of all time, he has powers unmatched by anyone. Goku has the ability to destroy galaxies, if not entire universes, that no other anime character has.

son Goku

With his continuous training and strength upgrades he only gets stronger, he still gains new powers including his Super Saiyan God Form and Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken. Other characters from Dragon Ball Z can easily make the list as they also possess planet-breaking powers. Goku is definitely a match that will be hard to top unless you can also revive twice from your death.

2. Saitama

Captain Baldy, also known as Saitama, is possibly the most powerful anime character ever conceived. His only ambition in life is to meet someone who will really challenge him, but he has yet to do so. His talents are extremely powerful and it is not known how he acquired them.


While Saitama’s character is a comedic character created to rival all the other powerful characters from other anime, we can’t just ignore his potential. Saitama has unlimited strength and he is basically built to be invincible, the main aspect of his strength is that he can defeat almost anything or anyone with just one punch and not even to his full potential.

3. Kaguya Otsusuki

Kaguya Otsusuki from Naruto is an alleged god, so it only makes sense to include her in this list. She is the true reason why Shinobis and their numerous Jutsu exist, as she is the founder of all chakras formed on Earth. Kaguya is actually as powerful as a God and a character capable of destroying an entire planet. This is due to her ancestry from a celestial clan and the link she shares with the God Tree.

Kaguya Osutsuki

Amenominaka is a power that allows Kaguya Otsutsuki to instantly create new dimensions and teleport himself, as well as anything or anyone else, to that dimension. At one point, she possessed the ability to blow up an entire spacetime and recreate it from scratch, making her one of Naruto’s most powerful characters. This just proves that she is a force to be reckoned with.

4. Ryou Asuka

Ryou Asuka was literally Satan himself who was cast down to earth by God because of a conflict. He was in the custody of the demon Psycho Jenny on Earth. Ryo Asuka is the devil incarnate, so it’s possible to believe that Satan in human form can do insane amounts of damage, even earth-shattering. They have the ability to reincarnate as Sata . at any time and in any locationn.

Ryou Asuka

He has demonstrated powers such as growing plants, killing animals with thought, forcing water to materialize, creating power shields and tremendous telekinetic power since their incarnation as a male human child. They can fire huge beams of light that can tear the moon in half once fully revealed. They can also conjure lightning bolts to hit specific targets.

5. Koro Sensei

Koro-Sensei from Assassination Classroom can be classified as an alien – not only because of his yellow octopus-like appearance, but also because of the many superhuman powers he can wield. Koro-Sensei has the ability to liquefy itself, change its color and shape, and is nearly invincible except against a specific antimatter weapon. His speed is also an important part of his strength.


Koro-Sensei has excellent reflexes, a strong defense and a lot of energy, so he can take anything thrown at him. Not only is he physically overpowered, but he is also an intelligent being and an expert on practically every subject. He is also well versed in every assassination tactic ever devised. Although his weaknesses are his tentacles – which, if grabbed, can lead to the defeat of the tentacle teacher, but it is almost impossible to get hold of him due to his insane speed.

6. Giorno Giovani

Haruno Shiobana, Dio’s son, is a stall user who obtained the requiem arrow, which enchanted his stance and turned it into a golden experience requiem. After obtaining the Requiem Arrow, Giorno’s stance is without a doubt the strongest there is; he has the ability to return everything to its former state and has incredible healing abilities.

Giorno Giovanic

It is one of the most versatile powers, allowing him to bring objects, animals and creatures to life and transform them, even turning butterflies into money. Even the most cunning adversary can be fooled by this transformation, and Giorno only needs a few moments to carry out his plan. Failing that, he has the ability to reflect blows.

7. Saiki Kusuo

Saiki doesn’t fit this list perfectly as he’s from a comedy anime, but it’s hard to ignore or dismiss the sheer variety of powers and potential he possesses. Saiki’s powers are not only physical, but transcend into the inexplicable and metaphysical realm. Saiki Kusuo has so many skills that it is almost hard to follow.

Saiki Kusuo

Some of them include telekinesis, mind control, memory alteration, hypnosis, bilocation, reality fabrication, and that’s not even all of them. Besides having all these powers, he is extremely strong, can also fly and is generally just smart. His powers have always been limited, as he likes to keep it that way due to the two antenna-like accessories on his head, so it’s impossible to know how invincible he could be without the limiters.

8. Alucard

Alucard is a vampire anti-hero who uses his arsenal of skills to defeat basically anyone. He is often called immortal. He is a monster both in his skills and in the literal sense of his name. Alucard gives any opponent a fight for life, he is able to shoot a bullet through the head at close range and laugh at him. His abilities range from the ability to harden his skin to travel at great speeds to elusive natures, allowing him to walk through barriers and avoid attacks.


He also absorbs a target’s soul by draining their blood, preserving their memories and abilities for future use. He is considered an army of thousands in one body when at his most powerful. His power grows with each passing year, and he’s been alive for over 500 years, so you can only imagine how terrifyingly powerful the vampire can be.

9. Meruem

Meruem was the most powerful child of the Chimera Ant Queen. He was the main antagonist of the Chimera Ant arc and was known as the “King” of the Chimera Ants in Hunter x Hunter. His incredible physical prowess is matched only by an unparalleled intellect, both of which seem to place him far above human capabilities. He has more power than the Royal Guards as the king of the chimera ants, and he can increase it even more by consuming Nen users.


Aura synthesis was Meruem’s most powerful Nen ability, and it worked by eating other Nen users. When he ate them, their aura fused with his, making him significantly stronger. This is without a doubt one of Meruem’s most powerful powers, and that makes him a force to be reckoned with.

10. Meliodas

Meliodas is the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath. The Demon Sword Lostvayne is its sacred treasure and Full Counter is its innate power. He was extraordinarily powerful from birth, boasted of extraordinary strength recognized by all, and he was well on his way to becoming the demon king. He was the ace of the Demon Clan as a whole, and no one could resist him except the demon king himself.


He wielded the commandment of love and prevented anyone who despised him from attacking him. When Meliodas is in Assault mode, this ability is extremely powerful as he is tough and cold-blooded, making it impossible to admire. Meliodas is without a doubt the most powerful of the seven sins. He had absorbed all ten commandments while retaining his strength and agility. Due to Full Counter’s unique ability, Meliodas might technically just be able to fight everyone on this list.

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One Punch Man Manga Read Online: One-Punch Man is a Japanese superhero series created by the creator ONE. It is a story about Saitama, a super-hero who is able to take on anyone with just one punch, but is looking for an appropriate opponent after becoming frustrated by the lack of competition due to his incredible ability. ONE developed the original webcomic version at the beginning of 2009.

A digital manga remake began publication on Shueisha's Tonari no Young Jump website in June 2012. The manga's illustration is by Yusuke Murata. Its chapters are regularly collected and released as each tankobon book. At the time of writing, January 2021 23 volumes were published. For North America, Viz Media license the manga remake to be released in English version and has serialized in their Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine.

A manga-anime adaption of the manga produced by Madhouse it was shown throughout Japan from October until December 2015. The second season, created by J.C.Staff and J.C.Staff, began airing from April until July 2019. This anime show is licensed to North America by Viz Media and premiered on the United States on Adult Swim's Toonami block of programming in July, 2016. The second season debuted in October of 2019.

In June 2012, the original webcomic was able to surpass 7.9 millions hits. By April 2020 the manga's remake had sold more than thirty million copies.

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