The Struggle to Level Up How One Manga Protagonist Overcomes

The Struggle to Level Up: How One Manga Protagonist Overcomes Obstacles


In most Manga, the protagonist is on a journey to become the strongest character in the universe. However, getting there is not an easy task, since the character must go through a lot of training, fighting battles, and defeating powerful enemies. In the process of attaining this goal, the protagonist also develops their character and becomes a better person overall.

This article will delve into the struggles a Manga protagonist has to overcome to level up and become stronger.

Training Arcs

One of the most common features of a Manga is the training arc. This is the period when the protagonist trains and improves their skills for a particular challenge they face. During this period, they often have to learn from a master or mentor who helps them to overcome their weaknesses, and they also face physical and mental challenges that push them to their limits.

For example, in Naruto, the main protagonist trains under the mentorship of Jiraiya, who teaches Naruto to harness and control his powerful aura called the chakra. This training helps Naruto to become stronger and increases his chances of defeating his enemies.

Overcoming Enemies

Another challenge that the protagonist has to overcome to level up is defeating their enemies. Defeating strong enemies is a crucial aspect of Manga since it helps the character to grow in strength and level up their abilities. Enemies can come in different forms, including bosses, rivals, and other characters with unique abilities.

In Dragon Ball, the protagonist Goku faces his rival Vegeta, who is stronger than him. This battle poses a significant challenge for Goku, and he has to push himself beyond his limits to gain an edge over Vegeta.

Internal Struggles

Internal struggles are also a crucial part of any Manga storyline. These struggles often affect the protagonist’s mental and emotional state, making it harder for them to overcome their obstacles. Some internal struggles include fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and trauma.

In One Piece, the main protagonist Luffy grapples with self-doubt and anxiety over his abilities. This self-doubt makes it harder for him to push beyond his limits and level up. However, Luffy ultimately overcomes his self-doubt through his determination and the support of his friends.

FAQs on How to Level Up in Manga

Q. How do you level up in Manga?

A. To level up in Manga, you must go through a lot of training, fighting battles, and defeating powerful enemies. Additionally, you must also overcome internal struggles like fear, self-doubt, anxiety, and trauma.

Q. How do you overcome fears in Manga?

A. The best way to overcome fear in Manga is facing your fears and pushing yourself beyond your limits. This process can be challenging, but it helps you to become stronger and gain the confidence to take on more powerful enemies.

Q. How do you improve your skills in Manga?

A. You can improve your skills in Manga undergoing intense training with a master or mentor. During this period, you will face physical and mental challenges that will help you to level up your abilities.


In conclusion, leveling up in Manga is not an easy task, and it involves a lot of hard work and determination. To achieve this goal, the protagonist must go through training arcs, defeat powerful enemies, and overcome internal struggles. These challenges help the character to level up their skills and become stronger overall. Through their journey, the Manga protagonist becomes a better person, and this makes the story even more compelling.

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