The Dark Side of the Aristocracy A Review of Trash

The Dark Side of the Aristocracy: A Review of ‘Trash of the Count’s Family’ Manga


Manga and anime have always been subjects of fascination among readers and viewers worldwide. However, the themes and storyline of these comic series have always been a matter of great debate. The aristocracy, in particular, has often been portrayed in a positive light or ignored altogether.

Trash of the Count’s Family is a manga series that gives readers a different view of the aristocracy. The manga tells the story of a young nobleman who is the black sheep of his family. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the manga and explore its many themes.

The Story of ‘Trash of the Count’s Family’

The story of Trash of the Count’s Family revolves around the life of a young nobleman named Laeridan. Laeridan is the only person in his family who doesn’t have any talent for combat, magic, or anything else that could earn him respect. Due to this, he is often looked down upon and given the title of “trash” his family members.

Despite his lack of talent, Laeridan has a strong sense of justice and a kind heart. He is often seen doing good deeds for the people of his county, which earns him the affection of the common folk. As he grows up, Laeridan becomes more aware of the corruption and injustice in his family and decides to fight against it.

Themes and Messages

Trash of the Count’s Family explores several themes and messages throughout the manga. Some of the prominent ones are:

Class Divide and Corruption

One of the main themes of the manga is the class divide and corruption prevalent in the aristocracy. The manga portrays how the noble class has become corrupt due to their power and influence. The nobles are shown to be exploiting the common people and using them for their own gain.

Family Dynamics

Another important theme of the manga is family dynamics. The relationship between Laeridan and his family members is explored throughout the series. The manga shows how family pressure and expectations can affect an individual and how it is okay to be different from others and pursue one’s own path.

Friendship and Loyalty

The manga also explores the theme of friendship and loyalty. Laeridan is shown to have a close group of friends who support him throughout the series. The manga emphasizes how friends can become family and how loyalty to one’s friends can be more important than loyalty to one’s family.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the genre of Trash of the Count’s Family?

Trash of the Count’s Family is a Korean fantasy manga.

Is the manga suitable for children?

The manga contains violence and some adult themes, making it unsuitable for young readers.

How many volumes of the manga have been released?

As of 2021, seven volumes of Trash of the Count’s Family have been released.

Is there an anime adaptation of the manga?

There is no anime adaptation of the manga as of this writing.


Trash of the Count’s Family is a manga that explores the dark side of the aristocracy. It portrays how corruption, exploitation, and injustice have become a norm in the noble class. However, the manga also brings hope through its protagonist, who fights to bring back justice and equality.

The themes of the manga are relevant to contemporary society, where the class divide and corruption still exist. Trash of the Count’s Family provides a message of hope and shows that change is possible even in the darkest of times. Anyone who wants to read a unique and thought-provoking manga should definitely give Trash of the Count’s Family a try.

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