The Curse of Stagnation The Tragic Tale of a Manga

The Curse of Stagnation: The Tragic Tale of a Manga Protagonist Who Can’t Level Up

The Thrill of Leveling Up

The idea of leveling up is one of the most intriguing elements of many fictional worlds. From video games to anime, it’s a concept that captures the imagination of players, making them crave the feeling of constantly improving themselves. Leveling up represents progress and the promise of becoming stronger and more capable. Over the years, this concept has become a staple of the manga world, too – but what if a manga protagonist can’t level up? In this blog post, we’ll explore the tragic tale of manga protagonists who find themselves cursed with stagnation, unable to progress and doomed to remain weak and ineffective.

The Bitter Reality of Being Stuck

Being stuck at a certain level can create an atmosphere of frustration and self-doubt for a manga protagonist. Whether it’s because they lack the necessary skills or because of some supernatural force preventing them from leveling up, it always stings. The protagonist can witness others around them constantly evolving, while they are stuck in the same place, experiencing the same difficulties, with no hope for improvement.

One of the biggest implications of getting stuck at a certain level is that it can lead to the protagonist becoming irrelevant, trailing behind other characters in the storyline. They become a burden on their team and become quickly forgotten once the others level up.

The Elements of Progression

There are various attributes that contribute to a character’s progression in manga. For instance:


One of the most significant elements that dictate the protagonist’s progress in manga is their power. It refers to the degree of strength and stamina they acquire throughout the storyline. If a character lacks power, they won’t be able to overcome challenges, resulting in them being stuck.

Skills and Abilities

Another critical determinant of progression in manga is the amount of skills and abilities a character possesses. Skills and abilities can be analytical or physical, and they contribute to the character’s overall advancement. Without a diverse range of abilities, a protagonist is limited in their options, hindering any chance of leveling up.


Experience is one of the key components in leveling up, both in the manga world and in real life. The more you go through, the more experience you acquire. In the same vein, a manga protagonist who struggles at the start and goes through various trials and tribulations is more likely to progress compared to others who don’t face any significant challenges.

The Source of Cursed Stagnation

Cursed stagnation is a concept that is unique to manga. It refers to a state where the protagonist is unable to progress due to a supernatural force interfering with their growth.

One example of this is the curse of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. In the series, the main character, Yuji Itadori, is cursed a powerful entity that prevents him from leveling up. The curse is so strong that it terminates any progress he might have made, leaving him doomed to remain stuck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can characters in a manga really get stuck and not level up?

A: Absolutely. In fact, it’s a common plot point in many mangas. Characters can get stuck at a certain level and find themselves unable to progress, frustrating both the character and the reader simultaneously.

Q: Is it possible for a protagonist to remain entertaining even if they can’t level up?

A: Yes, it’s still possible for the protagonist to remain entertaining even if they can’t level up. It all depends on the quality of the writing and the character development. As long as the character remains interesting and relatable, they can still provide an excellent story experience.

Q: Can a character eventually break free from the curse of stagnant leveling?

A: Yes, there are instances in manga where stagnant leveling is a temporary condition. In some stories, the protagonist manages to find a way to break the curse and continue leveling up as they progress.


Leveling up is an integral part of the manga experience, and the idea of being stuck is a cruel twist of fate. It’s a concept that creates a fascinating and compelling narrative, where the characters face various trials and tribulations. It’s a stark reminder that progress is not always guaranteed.

Ultimately, being locked in a stagnant state is not the end of the world for a manga protagonist. As long as the character development and story remain strong, they can remain an engaging and entertaining character, despite the fact that they can’t level up.

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