Strongest Otsutsuki Members of Naruto Franchise – Ranked

Strongest Otsutsuki Members Ranked

Naruto is an anime that is not only popular but also loved by fans for many years. What makes the anime more interesting is that the ending wasn’t something you expected. The anime introduces us to op-characters that appear at the very end of the anime. Not only this, but the anime is so loved that they decided to continue it with the story of Naruto’s son, Boruto. In the sequel, the aforementioned op-characters gain more depth as they become an integral part that takes the story further. These characters mainly belong to the Otsutsuki clan, and here we will rank all the strongest members within the Otsutsuki clan.

As we know, clans are an important aspect of Naruto. Each clan has its equal share of importance based on the powers passed down from generation to generation. The two powerful clans here are the Uchiha clan and the Senju clan. These two clans have a reputation for not only being powerful, but also waging wars against each other for generations. Interestingly, these two clans have an origin meaning they stem from a mother clan which happens to be the Otsutsuki clan.

Strongest Otsutsuki Members

The Otsutsuki clan are celestial beings who have lived in ancient times. To evolve, this clan must travel the world and consume the life forces of other species by planting the seed of the ten-tails. By doing this, they will progress towards their goal of attaining divinity. This goal is also known as the “Otsutsuki Will”. The existence of this clan and their powers are emphasized more in Boruto: Naruto’s Next Generations. However, among the Otsutsuki members, there are variations when it comes to strength.

Toneri Otsutsuki

Otsutsuki Toneri was the character who first appeared in Naruto: The Last movie and then again in Boruto. He is a character who is the sole survivor of the Otsutsuki family living on the moon. Toneri was the second Otsutsuki member to do battle with Naruto Uzumaki.

Strongest Otsutsuki Members Ranked
Toneri Otsutsuki

He is proficient with a lot of Jutsu and uses the senjutsu-enhanced nine-tailed chakra. Toneri also possesses the Tenseigan, thanks to Hanabi Hyuga’s byakugan. He can enter dreams and can also use the Puppet Technique, which allows him to take control of someone.

Urashiki Otsutsuki

The low-ranking member of the Otsutsuki clan, Urashiki Otsutsuki, is the most relaxed member. Every now and then you see him making jokes. Although he does not always agree with his clan and has his own views, he remains faithful to them to the end. Urashiki was sent to Earth along with Momoshiki and Kinshiki to search for Kaguya Otsutsuki.

Urashiki Otsutsuki

He is very physically strong as he is able to crush the ground. Not only this, he is also said to be stronger than Jiraiya and able to fight two Kages at once. Its powers of perception are said to be at an advanced level. He is able to craft a fishing weapon using his chakra.

Kinshiki Otsutsuki

Kinshiki Otsutsuki was Momoshiki Otsutsuki’s foster parent and was very strong physically. As a person, he is very caring and protective of Momoshiki. However, he can become very vengeful when the time calls for it. He has also proved very selfless as he was willing to sacrifice himself many times over.

Kinshiki Otsutsuki

He is able to fight a jinchuriki as well as many strong opponents such as Sasuke Uchiha. Kinshiki also has the ability to absorb Ninjutsu and use Space-Time Ninjutsu. He also possesses the Byakugan, which gives him the upper hand in certain battles.

Indra Otsutsuki

As the firstborn son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki, Indra Otsutski is an important character in the anime. Its existence is an integral part of the Naruto series. However, we only get to know him towards the end. Indra Otsutsuki is said to be the creator of Ninjutsu. Unlike his brother, he was considered the most suitable successor of the family. Unfortunately, bitter emotions as well as manipulations prevailed, resulting in years of war between him and his brothers’ successors.

Strongest Otsutsuki Members Ranked
Indra Otsutsuki

Indra had inherited Hagoromo’s powers and was highly skilled from an early age. The Uchiha clan branched out from its successors. Madara Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha are the two reincarnations of Indra.

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Asura Otsutsuki

Hagoromo’s youngest son, Asura Otsutsuki, did not inherit his father’s powers. So he didn’t grow up as a talented kid like his brother. However, he built up his strength by realizing the importance of the existence of the people around him. In the end, he was the one who inherited the ninshu from his father. Asura was more of a people person. Both the Senju and the Uzumaki clan are under his succession. Of these clans, Hashirama Senju and Naruto Uzumaki are the reincarnations of Asura.

Asura Otsutsuki

Over the years, Asura was able to gain a huge amount of physical energy, resulting in a powerful life force. He was proficient in Taijutsu and was able to achieve the Six-Path Senjutsu due to the powers given to him by his father. Not only this, he is a good talker and is able to influence many people and gain their trust which makes him a capable leader.

Hamura Otsutsuki

The son of Kaguya Otsutsuki and the twin brother of Hagoroma Otsutsuki, Hamura was the second person to be born with chakra as he is the youngest of the twins. The Hyuga clan is branching out from existence. After both the sealing and death of his brother, Hamura moved to the moon, eventually forming the “Shinobi of the Moon”.

Hamura Otsutsuki

Wanting to end his mother’s rule along with his brother, Hamura worked with him to seal their mother. As the son of Kaguya, he had a huge amount of chakras. He also used the Byakugan, which also evolved into the Tenseigan. Not only this, he also owned the Six-Path Senjutsu.

Kaguya Otsutsuki

As the ultimate villain in the entire Naruto series, Kaguya made a big impression on the viewers with her incredible amount of power. Kaguya was the first person to attain chakra when she ate the fruit of the God Tree. Kaguya was very caring as a person just like she really took care of her sons. However, her powers were too dangerous after she became the ship of the Ten-tails. She was eventually sealed off by her songs Hamura and Hagoromo, but her last-minute plans allowed her to make a comeback.

Strongest Otsutsuki Members Ranked
Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya had powers before eating the fruit because she could travel through space, hypnotize others, and erase memories. She was able to manipulate time-space. She owned both the Byakugan and the Rinne Sharingan, which only gave her an edge in all of her battles. Kaguya also uses the All-Killing Ash Bones technique which allows her to use her bones as edged weapons.

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Hagoromo Otsutsuki

The eldest of the twins Kaguya has, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, is known not only for his amazing skills, but also for his intellectual thinking and compassion for the tailed beasts. He is also called the Wise of Six Paths. Hagoromo Otsutsuki and his brother Hamura were responsible for sealing Kaguya Otsutsuki. He is also known as the first jinjuriki because he sealed the ten tails in him.

Hagomoro Otsutsuki

Hagoromo is both the creator of Ninshu and the founder of the shinobi world. He is also the father of Indira and Asura. Hagoromo decided to split the ten-tailed into the tailed beasts and give each of them a name thanks to the influence of Asura. Although he was able to save the world from the ten-tails, his ultimate goal of achieving peace remained unfulfilled due to the prolonged battle between his sons.

Momoshiki Otsutsuki

Together with Urashiki and Kinshiki, Momoshiki was sent to Earth to find Kaguya and obtain the chakra of the God Tree. Momoshiki Otsutsuki was the foster child of Kinshiki Otsutsuki. He usually has a personality similar to his foster parent and is usually calm. However, Momoshiki’s power is considered stronger than Kaguya, as he claims to be able to defeat the latter all by himself.

Strongest Otsutsuki Members Ranked
Momoshiki Otsutsuki

Using Taijutsu, Momoshiki has proven to be fast in combat. Momoshiki owned both the Byakugan and the Rinnegan and was very powerful. However, he gained more power after consuming Kinshiki. Although he was eventually killed by Boruto, he eventually implanted himself in the Karma seal on Boruto. This allows him to take over Boruto’s body and give Boruto his powers.

Ishiki Otsutsuki

The main antagonist of the Boruto series, Ishiki Otsutsuki, was sent to Earth along with Kaguya Otsutsuki. However, Kaguya defeated him in battle, forcing him to take over the body of a monk named Jigen. He eventually went by the name Jigen. He is the founder and leader of the Kara secret society.

Ishiki Otsutsuki

Ishiki is the strongest known Otsutsuki member, as he can take on both Sasuke and Naruto in battle. He can shrink himself like he did to possess Jigen’s body. Ishiki uses Dojutsu’s powers to summon cube-like objects that can kill anyone. His eyes are very different from those of the other Otsutsuki members. The Sukunahikona technique allows him to summon chakra rods that can both shrink and control dimensions and time.

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A digital manga remake began publication on Shueisha's Tonari no Young Jump website in June 2012. The manga's illustration is by Yusuke Murata. Its chapters are regularly collected and released as each tankobon book. At the time of writing, January 2021 23 volumes were published. For North America, Viz Media license the manga remake to be released in English version and has serialized in their Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine.

A manga-anime adaption of the manga produced by Madhouse it was shown throughout Japan from October until December 2015. The second season, created by J.C.Staff and J.C.Staff, began airing from April until July 2019. This anime show is licensed to North America by Viz Media and premiered on the United States on Adult Swim's Toonami block of programming in July, 2016. The second season debuted in October of 2019.

In June 2012, the original webcomic was able to surpass 7.9 millions hits. By April 2020 the manga's remake had sold more than thirty million copies.

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