Expecting the Unexpected: Manga’s Surprising Depictions of Pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are such universal experiences that virtually everyone has a story or knows someone who has gone through it. However, depictions of this process in manga have been surprisingly diverse and sometimes even unconventional. From unexpected twists and turns to emotional moments, the way manga portrays pregnancy is fascinating. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most surprising and unexpected depictions of pregnancy in manga.

Unexpected Twists

One of the most unexpected twists in manga is when a character who previously thought she couldn’t conceive becomes pregnant. The story of Tohru Honda in Fruits Basket is a good example. Tohru, the compassionate and hardworking protagonist of the series, thinks she is infertile due to a curse on her family. However, it turns out that the curse was affecting her ability to find happiness, not her fertility. When she becomes pregnant, it’s a joyful surprise for her and her friends.

Another fascinating twist in manga is when a male character becomes pregnant. This is a popular trope in Yaoi manga or Boys’ Love manga, a genre of manga that focuses on romantic relationships between men. The male pregnancy is often explained as a result of a scientific experiment or a supernatural occurrence. Some popular examples of male pregnancy include the character Yuki in Gravitation and the couple Seiji and Sono in Love Pistols.

Emotional Moments

Pregnancy can be an emotional time, and manga often captures the emotional moments with great detail. In Nana, one of the main characters, Hachi, goes through an emotional rollercoaster when she finds out she’s pregnant. She’s happy but scared, torn between her dreams of becoming a rock star and her desire to be a good mother. The way the manga portrays Hachi’s struggle is relatable and poignant.

Another manga that depicts pregnancy with emotional depth is Princess Jellyfish. One of the characters, Chieko, is a successful businesswoman who is trying to conceive. However, after several failed attempts, she starts to feel anxious and depressed. Her friends at the Amars, a group of female otaku, support her through her emotional journey.

Unconventional Depictions

Some manga push the boundaries of traditional depictions of pregnancy. In the manga and anime series, Kill la Kill, the antagonist, Ragyo Kiryuin, is depicted as being pregnant with her own child (spoiler alert: it’s not a normal pregnancy). The way this plot point is revealed is shocking and graphic, but it adds to the overall surrealism and craziness of the series.

Another unconventional depiction can be found in the manga Monster Musume. The story revolves around a human male who lives with several monster girls who are attracted to him. One of the characters, Miia, is a lamia, a half-snake monster girl, who becomes pregnant. The way the manga portrays the pregnancy is unique because of Miia’s non-human physiology.


What is the most popular manga about pregnancy?

One of the most popular manga about pregnancy is Love So Life. The manga follows a high school girl named Shiharu who becomes a basitter for two adorable twins. Over time, she develops feelings for the twins’ older brother, who is a single father. The manga is heartwarming and showcases the joys and challenges of taking care of young children.

Do pregnant characters in manga always have easy pregnancies?

No, not always. In fact, some manga depict pregnancy complications or even miscarriages. In the manga series, Honey and Clover, one of the main characters, Yamada, becomes pregnant but suffers a miscarriage. The portrayal of her grief and her attempts to come to terms with her loss is both realistic and raw.

Are there any manga that deal with teenage pregnancy?

Yes, there are several manga that deal with teenage pregnancy. One popular example is Kare Kano, a romance manga that revolves around two high school students who fall in love. One of the subplots involves one of the characters becoming pregnant and the challenges that come with being a teenage parent.


Pregnancy is a unique and universal experience, and manga has explored this topic in many different ways. From unexpected twists and emotional moments to unconventional depictions, there’s a lot to explore in manga when it comes to pregnancy. Whether you’re a fan of romance, drama, or science fiction, there’s a manga out there that will surprise and delight you with its portrayal of pregnancy.

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