Dirty Secrets Uncovered The Counts Family Manga Delves Into Trashy

Dirty Secrets Uncovered: The Count’s Family Manga Delves Into Trashy Behaviors


The Count’s Family manga is a story that follows the life and secrets of a wealthy and aristocratic family. While some might be under the impression that this manga is a lighthearted tale of a wealthy family, it’s actually far darker and more twisted than most would expect. In fact, as readers delve deeper into the story, they’ll find themselves uncovering all sorts of trashy behaviors that are often kept hidden behind closed doors.

The Dark Side of the Count’s Family

From the very first pages of The Count’s Family manga, readers are exposed to the dark underbelly of the aristocratic family. Although they live a life of luxury, they are not as perfect as they seem. One of the most significant themes in the storyline is the Count’s obsession with power and lust.

The story takes a dark twist when the Count finds himself falling in love with his own daughter, a taboo relationship that is not supposed to be explored. Incestuous relationships are never okay, but the manga takes it a step further portraying the daughter as a pawn in her father’s twisted game of power.

As the story progresses, readers are exposed to other dark themes like domestic abuse, drug abuse, corruption, and betrayal. Members of the Count’s family constantly scheme against each other to gain power and wealth while taking advantage of those around them.

The Charismatic Characters

Despite their distasteful behaviors, the characters in The Count’s Family manga are compelling and charismatic. Readers will find themselves drawn into their stories and rooting for their favorite characters, even when they behave badly.

The Count, for example, is a complex character who is both villainous and charming. He uses his power to manipulate those around him to his advantage, but he also has a vulnerable side that makes him far more human than some of the other characters.

Similarly, the Count’s daughter, who is swept up in her father’s twisted game of power, is a fascinating character. Although she is a victim of her father’s abuse, she also wields her sexuality as a weapon to control those around her. Her character is a prime example of how the manga portrays women as complex characters who are far more than just damsels in distress.

Implications on Real Life

The themes in The Count’s Family manga are not just limited to the world of fiction. These types of behaviors happen in real life too. Obsessions with power and money, incestuous relationships, and domestic abuse all happen far too often in the real world.

As readers delve into the trashy behaviors of the Count’s family, they’ll be confronted with uncomfortable truths about their own world. The manga serves as a warning about the dangers of greed, lust, and obsession.


What age range is The Count’s Family Manga appropriate for?

Due to the adult themes, The Count’s Family manga is recommended for mature readers aged 18 and above.

How many volumes are there in The Count’s Family Manga?

As of October 2021, there are three volumes of The Count’s Family Manga.

Is The Count’s Family Manga appropriate for all audiences?

No, The Count’s Family Manga is not appropriate for all audiences. It contains adult themes, including incestuous relationships, domestic abuse, and substance abuse.

Is The Count’s Family Manga finished?

No, The Count’s Family manga is not finished. It is an ongoing series that has been published in Japan since 2019.


The Count’s Family Manga delves into trashy behaviors that are often kept hidden behind closed doors. From incestuous relationships to drug abuse, the manga portrays a dark and twisted world that is far from the idealized visions of wealth and power that many people have. However, despite its trashy subject matter, the manga is compelling and thought-provoking, showcasing complex and charismatic characters that readers will find themselves rooting for, even when they are behaving badly. Ultimately, The Count’s Family Manga serves as a warning about the dangers of greed, lust, and obsession in the real world.

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