10 Popular Anime Voice Actresses in 2022

The life of any anime fan is always fun as they are introduced not only to compelling stories but also many intriguing characters. These characters often stay with us for a long time, especially if they manage to inspire important decisions related to life in general. What’s even cooler, though, is that these beloved characters and their stories are human-made. Here are the top 10 popular anime voice actresses in 2022.

Not only this, but the entire production crew of each anime helps in their own way to make the anime great. Voice actors and voice actresses are such hardworking people who not only manage to give voice to our favorite characters but also help express their emotions through their words. Below are the most popular anime voice actresses that you should know.

In the anime world, there are many such voice actors and voice actresses who have become popular by voicing many famous characters. What is even more interesting about voice actors and voice actresses is that in addition to voice acting, most of them have also acted in dramas and movies and released their own albums as well. Regardless of which character they voice, it’s important to note that they are one of the most integral parts of making an anime.

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Kana Hanazawa

The first person on the list to be one of the most popular voice actresses in the industry is Kana Hanazawa. Although she joined the industry in 2012, she has managed to voice many famous characters. Some of them are Akane Tsunemori, the main character of Psycho-Pass, Lucy Maud Montgomery of Bungou Stray Dogs, Mayuri Shiina of Steins; Gate and Rize Kamishiro from the Tokyo Ghoul series. She has also worked on a number of upcoming projects. Of these projects, voicing the character Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer is something many fans have been looking forward to.

Popular Anime Voice Actresses
Kana Hanazawa

Kana Hanazawa was born on February 25, 1989 in Tokyo, Japan. She became famous as a junior idol, which in turn earned her many acting contracts. Kana Hanazawa married another voice actor, Kensho Ono, in the year 2020. She also provided her voice for the Japanese dub of Emma Bloom from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and the lead character Heidi from Heidi.

Romi Park

Another popular and talented voice actress in anime is Romi Park. She has been active since 1993 and has voiced many characters. These include Toushirou Hitsugaya from Bleach, Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan, Rei Batsubami from Kakegurui, Temari from the Naruto series and Switzerland from Hetalia, Naoto Shirogane from Persona 4 and Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Popular Anime Voice Actresses
Romi Park

Romi Park was born in the year 1972 on January 22. She is half Korean and half Japanese and was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and is also fluent in Korean. Romi Park also starred in the musical Les Miserables as Madame Thenardier.

Ayane Sakura

The next popular anime voice actress is Ayane Sakura. She is best known for voicing the character Ochako Uraraka from My Hero Academia. Not only this, but she also voiced one of the most hated characters of recent times, Gabi Braun from Attack on Titan. Other characters she has voiced include Nao Tomori from Charlotte, Yotsuba Nakano from 5-toubun no Hanayome, Iroha Isshiki from Oregairu, Nero of Secre Swallowtail from Black Clover, and Tsubaki Sawabe from Your Lie in April.

Ayane Sakura

Ayane Sakura was born on January 29, 1994 in Tokyo, Japan. She won Best Supporting Actress at the 12th Seiyu Awards.

Aoi Yuuki

Aoi Yabusaki, better known as Aoi Yuuki, is a voice actress who has been active in the anime industry since 1996. The most famous character she voiced is Tanya Degurechaff from the Isekai Quartet anime series. In addition to this character, she has also voiced many famous characters such as Tsuyu Asui from My Hero Academia, Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Victorique de Blois from Gosick, Tatsumaki from One Punch Man, Kayo Hinazuki from Erased, Yuuki Kono from Sword Art Online Season 2, Kotatsu Tamaki from Fire Force and Diane from the Nanatsu no Taizai series.

Popular Anime Voice Actresses
Aoi Yuuki

Aoi Yuuki was born on March 27, 1992. She started her career in 1996 at the very young age of 4. She is one of the most talented people in the industry as she not only acts, voice acts and sings but also produces amazing illustrations of the characters she has voiced before.

Maya Sakamoto

Another prominent voice actress in the anime world is Maaya Sakamoto. She has voiced many famous characters such as Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler. Other characters she has voiced include Haruhi Fujioka of Ouran Koukou Host Club, Shinobu Oshino of the Monogatari Series, Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell, Echidna of Re: Zero: Starting Life in Another World, Shinra Kusakabe of Fire Force, Merlin of Nanatsu no Taizai and Eto from the Tokyo Ghoul series.

Popular Anime Voice Actresses
Maya Sakamoto

Maaya Sakamoto was born on March 31, 1980 in Tokyo, Japan. She has been a voice actress for a long time, since 1988, so started her career at a very young age. In 2011, Maaya Sakamoto married the voice actor Kenichi Suzumura, who has worked with her on many projects before. They both had their first child on April 21, 2022.

Nana Mizuki

The following voice actress is most famous for voicing the sweet-natured Hinata Hyuga from the Naruto series. Nana Mizuki has also voiced Black Clover’s Venessa Enoteca, Princess Tutu’s Rue Kuroha, Darker than Black’s Misaki Kirihara, Persona 5’s Ann Tamaki, Senki Zesshou Symphogear’s Tsubasa Kazanari, and Lydia Carlton of
Hakushaku to Yousei.

Nana Mizuki

Nana Mizuki was born in the year 1980 on January 21. She is a trained Enka singer from Ehime, Japan. She has released many albums and voiced many video game characters as well. Nana Mizuki has also worked as a voice actress for Carly Shay and Katniss Everdeen for the Japanese dubbing of iCarly and The Hunger Games respectively.

Junko Takeuchic

The next voice actress, Junko Takeuchi, has voiced one of the most beloved anime characters of all time: Naruto Uzumaki from the Naruto series. Not only he, but she also voiced another character that many love: Gon Freecss from the anime Hunter x Hunter. She has also voiced characters like Kuromi from Onegai My Melody, Mokuba Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh, Takuya Kanbara from the Digimon series and interestingly Akamaru from the Naruto series.

Popular Anime Voice Actresses
Junko Takeuchic

Junko Takeuchi was born on April 5, 1972 in Saitama, Japan. She has been working in the industry since 1996. Junko Takeuchi can also dance ballet because she took lessons when she was a child. She married the voice actor Kenji Hamada in 2006 and is raising two children together.

Saori Hayami

The following voice actress voiced many famous main characters. Saori Hayami is best known for voicing the character Yukino Yukinoshita from the Oregairu series. She also spoke the characters in Shinobu Kochou from Demon Slayer, Nishimiya Shouka from the anime film A Silent Voice, Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui Shinoa Hiiragi from Seraph of the End, Yotsugi Ononoki from the Monogatari series, and Shirayuki from Snow White with the Red Haar. However, her most famous character in recent times is Yor Forger from the ongoing anime Spy x Family.

Popular Anime Voice Actresses
Saori Hayami

Saori Hayami was born in Tokyo, Japan, on May 29, 1991. She started her career in 2007 and has not only voiced many main characters, but also released many albums and songs.

Megumi Hayashibara

Megumi Hayashibara is best known for voicing the character Musashi, better known as Jessie, from Team Rocket in Pokemon. Her voice is recognized by much older anime such as Rei Ayanami from the Evangelion series, Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop, Haruko Haruhara from FLCL Progressive, Ai Haibara from Detective Conan, Ranma Saotome from Ranma ½, Anna Kyouyama from Shaman King, Paprika from the anime movie Paprika and Pikachu from Pokemon.

Popular Anime Voice Actresses
Megumi Hayashibara

Megumi Hayashibara was born in the year 1967 on March 30 in Tokyo, Japan. She has been working in the acting world since 1986. She studied to become a nurse, but changed careers. In addition to voice acting, she has also worked as a part-time DJ and as a manga artist for a magazine.

Miyuki Sawashiro

Finally, Miyuki Sawashiro is another popular anime voice actress in the industry. She is best known for voicing the character Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter, Himeko Inaba from Kokoro Connect, Shino Asada from Sword Art Online Season 2, Celty Sturluson from Durarara!!, Suruga Kanbaru from the Monogatari series, Bishamon from the Noragami series and Kirari Momobami from Kakegurui.

Popular Anime Voice Actresses
Miyuki Sawashiro

Miyuki Sawashiro was born on June 2, 1985 in Nagano, Japan. She has been in the industry since 1999. In addition to voice acting, she has also taken on major dubbing roles such as Valkyrie from the Avengers/Thor movies and Enchantress from Suicide Squad.

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